In 2009, the U.S. Department of Justice and the state of Texas entered into a settlement agreement covering the 13 state supported living centers (SSLCs) in Texas. The agreement requires the state to ensure that SSLC protections, supports and services do not substantially depart from the generally accepted professional standards of care. The agreement also requires that residents of SSLCs receive the most appropriate level of care and service while in the institution and that they have the choice to transition to the most integrated community placement possible, as is appropriate to their individual needs.

In accordance with the settlement agreement, three teams of intellectual and developmental disabilities professionals conduct on-site compliance monitoring visits every six months at each of the 13 state facilities providing services to people with disabilities. Following these visits, the teams issue monitoring reports indicating the facilities’ level of compliance in providing generally accepted professional standards of care to residents.

DOJ Texas SSLC Settlement Agreement 2009

DOJ 4 Year Report Texas SSLCs Part 1 of 2

DOJ 4 Year Report Texas SSLCs Part 2 of 2