Unmasking Our Impact in 2020

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Though it was a challenging year, our staff did not let barriers resulting from the pandemic stop us in our commitment to advancing your disability rights.

infographic of our impact in 2020, details in content next to iamge
This year we:
  • Received 6,400 requests for our services.
  • Opened more than 3,500 new cases and provided information and referral services to 2,800 people.
  • Clocked in more than 17,000 hours of staff time on COVID rights issues.
  • Distributed more than 110,000 rights resources at events or through our website.
  • Created 26 new publications related specifically to COVID rights.
  • Trained more than 22,000 people on their rights (mostly through online venues this year)
  • Reached half a million people through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Reached 650 million people in local, state, and national news stories

It was our honor to serve you in 2020!