Use our sample letters and letter generator tools to create your own personalized document so you can advocate for yourself, become more independent, and more. For access to all of our resources, see our Self-Advocacy Resources.


Requesting a Reasonable Accommodation in Court

Use this sample letter if you are involved in a court case and need to request a reasonable accommodation that is related to a disability.

Disaster Resilience

Emergency Ready Sheet

The Emergency Ready Sheet helps people with disabilities keep important information in one place in case a disaster or emergency strikes.


File a Complaint with TEA

Use our sample letters to file a complaint with TEA about the special education services being provided by a school district.

File a Grievance with the School District (Rights Violated)

You can file a grievance when you think the school has violated your child’s rights under the Texas Education Code, your district’s student code of conduct, your district’s board policies, or the Constitution. Learn more about this topic in What is a Grievance, and How Do I File One?

File a Grievance with the School District (Denied Enrollment)

If a youth exiting a juvenile justice facility or program is improperly denied enrollment in school, you can file a School District Level Grievance. Learn more about this in the Texas School Reentry Toolkit.

Report an Incident and Request a Camera Recording

This handout includes sample text parents can use to report an incident and request a recording of a monitored special education classroom.

Request a Camera for a Special Education Classroom

This handout includes sample text parents can use in a letter to request a camera and video surveillance in a special education classroom.

Request an ECI Investigation or Due Process Hearing

Parents with complaints about the early childhood intervention (ECI) services being provided or being denied by a local provider have the right to request either a state investigation or an independent hearing.

Request an IEP in Your Language

Our Right to Receive Information from Schools in Your Native Language handout includes a sample letter to request a copy of your child’s IEP in your native language.

Request an Initial Evaluation for Special Education Eligibility

If you think your child may have a disability and needs special education or related services, this publication includes a sample letter you can use to request an initial evaluation.

School Transfer for Victims of Bullying

When a student suffers harassment or bullying at a public school, the parent may want to transfer the student to another class or school.


Ask for an Accommodation at Work

Do you need to request an accommodation to remove a barrier at work? Our Workplace Accommodation Request Tool can help.

Medical Documentation for Workplace Accommodations

This handout includes three different sample letters healthcare professionals can customize for patients who are seeking workplace accommodations.


How to Report Housing Discrimination

If you believe your housing rights have been violated, you can report it with our Housing Discrimination Complaint Generator.

Renting an Apartment When You Are in Recovery

Are you in recovery and need to ask a landlord to ignore your criminal history so you can rent an apartment? Our Opioid Use Disorder Accommodation Request Tool can help.

Request Early Lease Termination

Do you need to request a reasonable accommodation to terminate your lease early? This easy-to-use tool will make a letter to send to your landlord requesting to end your lease early without any fines or penalties.

Request Early Lease Termination After a Disaster

If a disaster damaged your home and the conditions there make the symptoms of your disability worse, ask your landlord let you out of your lease.

Supported Decision Making

Create a Supported Decision-Making Agreement

This easy-to-use tool helps you create a Supported Decision-Making Agreement so you can make your own decisions and stay in charge of your life.