Take steps to be hurricane ready

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Hurricanes can cause all types of problems that turn your life upside down. They can disrupt access to things like food and water, power, cell phone service, and more. It’s important to be prepared so you can deal with whatever a hurricane throws at you.

Hurricane season officially started June 1. Whether you’re a preparedness newbie or someone who has prepared in the past, take this opportunity to make sure you’re as ready as possible. Get started by reading – and thinking about – the questions below.

  • Food and water: do you have enough food and water on hand, and do you know where it will be distributed?
  • Transportation: if you leave your home, do you have access to reliable transportation?
  • Housing: is there a place you can go if you have to leave your home?
  • Power: do you have a backup power source in the event there’s a long power outage?
  • Healthcare: do you have a plan for accessing medical care during and after a hurricane?
  • Get help: do you know what resources will be available to help you recover from a hurricane?

For more information about the questions listed above and more, see our new hurricane preparedness guide: