Your healthcare during a disaster

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If there’s a disaster or emergency, planning for your healthcare needs – which includes specialized medical services, attendant services, and mental health supports – could help you stay as independent as possible during a potentially chaotic time.

Provider services

Whether you receive healthcare services in the community or in a group setting, you should continue to have access to services when a disaster strikes. Be proactive and ask your provider about their disaster or emergency plan so you know what to expect when a disaster occurs.


If a disaster or emergency turns your life upside down, you still want to have access to your medications – no matter where you end up. Make sure you have enough medications and keep your medications safe. Also, learn how you can refill a prescription if you run out of one during a disaster.

Mental health care

Your mental and behavioral health could be impacted by the trauma and uncertainty associated with a disaster and recognizing your personal needs is critical to your recovery and overall well-being. Learn about the potential mental and behavioral health resources and supports that could help you recover from a disaster.

Additional information

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