Our impact in 2023

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With your support this year, we helped tens of thousands of Texans with disabilities know their rights, stay in their jobs, get the education and healthcare they need, move out of institutions, have their rights restored, and more. Below are highlights of what we were able to accomplish this past year because of you. You can also read our full Fiscal Year 2023 Impact Report (PDF).

A person working at a call center. 6,215 requests for our services.

A laptop screen showing 12 people in a virtual online training. 23,245 people trained on rights.

A stack of files with a person's photo and paperwork on top. 3,037 client cases opened.

A person with a prosthetic leg wearing a suit and holding a file folder. 77 lawsuits filed by DRTx.

A person reading a brochure. 41,972 resources distributed.

A generic webpage. 250,300 accessed rights resources.

News on screens of different devices. Mentioned in the news 700+ times.

Hands holding cell phones surrounded by various digital technology icons. 205 million reached via news, social, and email.