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Students with disabilities attending college, trade or vocational school, or other types of post-secondary education settings can request accommodations.

This resource page provides information to assist you in understanding your rights, how to get accommodations, and other information.

If you need legal assistance because you are not able to get the accommodations you need in a post-secondary education setting, please see our How to Apply for Services page for more information.

Featured Resources

Beyond High School: Your Rights at College, Trade School, and More

Students with disabilities that go on to postsecondary education may have questions about admissions, accommodations, disclosing their disability, and more. This handout answers many of the questions that could come up before and during a student’s postsecondary experience. Continue reading “Beyond High School: Your Rights at College, Trade School, and More”

College Is Exciting! What if You Have a Disability?

College is exciting – you just need to be prepared for it. This video covers some of the accommodations you can request in college and the steps to follow to get them. Watch the video “College Is Exciting! What if You Have a Disability?”


What’s Next After High School

When a person with a disability turns 18-years-old, it’s important that they understand their rights and responsibilities. This video covers some of the options available to help you transition to adult life, including going to college, getting a job, living in the community, and making your own decisions. Watch the video “What’s Next After High School”

Your Rights at College

This video covers the rights of students with disabilities related to enrolling in and attending college. Learn about academic adjustments, non-academic accommodations, what schools do and don’t have to do, how to request an accommodation, and what to do if you face discrimination on campus. Watch the video “Your Rights at College”