Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) services are provided by the state under federal law to promote the development and growth of children ages 0-3 with developmental, intellectual and physical disabilities.

If your child is younger than 3-years-old and not progressing in growth and development as you would expect, she may be eligible for ECI services. DRTx provides advocacy services to parents of young children who may need:

  • Evaluations
  • ECI therapy
  • Help with transitioning to school

This resource page has information about eligibility, services, and rights so that you can advocate on behalf of your child. If you are facing barriers to getting what your child needs, you may contact us to apply for our services.


Transitioning from ECI Services to a Local School

If your child receives ECI services, they will graduate from ECI on the day they turn three. It is important that, upon exiting ECI, your child properly transitions to a setting that will continue to provide the supports and services that they need to succeed. Continue reading “Transitioning from ECI Services to a Local School”

What is Early Childhood Intervention?

ECI services help promote the development and growth of children age 0-3 who have developmental disabilities and other disabilities. This handout answers many of the questions parents might have about ECI and covers topics like eligibility, services, costs, evaluation and assessment, and more. Continue reading “What is Early Childhood Intervention?”

Requesting an ECI Investigation or Due Process Hearing

This handout briefly explains Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) services, what a state investigation and a due process hearing are, and how an investigation or a hearing might help your family to obtain ECI services to assist your infant or toddler with a disability. A sample letter to ask for either a state investigation or a due process hearing is included. Continue reading “Requesting an ECI Investigation or Due Process Hearing”


What are Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Services?

If you suspect your child age 0-3 may have a developmental delay or a disability, he or she may be eligible for Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) services. Learn more about what these services are and how to get them. Watch the video “What are Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Services?”

Transition from ECI to Special Education

The transition from ECI to special education can be confusing. This video will help you understand the process and who’s involved. Watch the video “Transition from ECI to Special Education”

Texas Fails to Provide Services to Young Children with Disabilities

The federal government issued a letter to the Texas HHSC commissioner describing the state’s noncompliance with the IDEA Part C requirements. Due to reduced funding for ECI, schools not participating in child find activities, and ECI resources not being available in all geographic areas of the state, many infants and toddlers have missed out on life-changing services. Watch the video “Texas Fails to Provide Services to Young Children with Disabilities”