He lingered for months in jail. Long waits for Texas mental health beds mean he’s not alone

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From KERA News:

“During his six months in the Tarrant County Jail, Kai’Yere Campbell kept asking his mom, “Am I going home?”

For a long time, Shantel Taylor didn’t have an answer for him.

Campbell is intellectually and developmentally disabled, according to Taylor, and a schizophrenia diagnosis in 2021 added another challenge. At 21, he can’t remember phone numbers, addresses or the year he graduated high school.

“He’s functioning on a childlike level,” Taylor said.

A court declared Campbell incompetent to stand trial, meaning he could not understand the charges against him or participate in his own defense. A judge ordered him to a state mental health facility.

The wait times for a bed in a state mental health facility can stretch months or even years. After being ordered to one, people have to wait behind bars, and their cases can’t move forward.”

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