Changes that could impact Texas voters with disabilities

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Some recent changes to voting laws in Texas could impact voting accessibility. Learn about how the changes – and accommodations that are available – could impact people with disabilities.

Curbside voting

Did you know that Texas voters who are unable to physically enter a polling place can vote curbside? Each polling place is required to have (at least) one designated curbside voting parking space. The parking space should have a sign that says “curbside voting” and there should be a way for you to let election workers know that you are there. This parking space is not one of the accessible parking spaces.

If you plan on voting curbside, you are not legally required to contact your polling place ahead of time, but it’s not a bad idea to do so.

Voting order priority

Voters with certain disabilities and impairments can ask to move to the front of the line (i.e., to be given priority) at a polling place. This includes people:

  • with neurological or orthopedic conditions;
  • with heart and lung disease;
  • who use oxygen; and
  • who use a wheelchair, walker, cane or other mobility device.

It is also possible that an election worker will see you and ask for your permission to move you to the front of line.

Election workers must allow voters with certain disabilities to go to the front of the line. If someone is assisting you at the polling place, that person should also be able to go to the front of the line with you. Election workers are not allowed to ask you about your disability in any way.

Voter assistance

You can get help (i.e., assistance) at a polling place if you need it. You can ask for help with:

  • navigating the polling place,
  • getting checked in, and
  • reading and marking your ballot.

You can get help from an election worker or someone else that you choose.

Voting by mail

To vote by mail in Texas, you must apply for a ballot by mail. The Application for Ballot By Mail (ABBM) is available in English and Spanish. You can access the ABBM on your county’s election website (if it has a website) or on the Texas Secretary of State’s website.

Submit your completed application to your county’s election office. If your county can’t process your ABBM, they may contact you and you may be able to correct the problem through the online Ballot By Mail Tracker.

For the current election, the deadline to submit an ABBM was Friday, October 27, 2023.

Voting resources

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