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Do you want to create a Supported Decision-Making Agreement so you can make your own decisions and stay in charge of your life? Get started with our Supported Decision-Making Agreement Tool.

About Supported Decision-Making Agreements

With supported decision-making, you choose someone you trust – a supporter – to help you with important life decisions. These could include decisions about things like finding a job, where to live, managing your money, staying healthy, and more. The supporter can gather information, explain your options, and inform the right people about your decisions.

To use supported decision-making, you and your supporter (or supporters – you can have more than one) enter into a Supported Decision-Making Agreement. The agreement is a document that shows what you and your supporter have agreed to. Some of the specific information included in a Supported Decision-Making Agreement are who your supporter is, what they’ll help with, and what personal information they’ll have access to.

You and your supporter can complete the agreement together and either of you can terminate it at any time.

To get an idea of what yours will look like, see our Sample Agreement.

To learn more, see Making My Own Choices: An Easy-to-Follow Guide on Supported Decision-Making Agreements.

Create Your Agreement

Our Supported Decision-Making Agreement Tool is an easy way to create your own agreement. You just complete a short online form and your customized Supported Decision-Making Agreement will automatically be created.

The form is short and it asks questions about your supporter, what life decisions they’ll help you with, and whether they’ll have access to your personal health or education information. Once you answer these questions and a couple more, the information you entered will be used to create a Supported Decision-Making Agreement document that you can download and print. Then, you and your supporter will sign and date the document, in the presence of either two witnesses or a notary public, who will also sign the document.

To get started with your agreement, click the button below.


Create your agreement


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