Request a Camera for a Special Education Classroom Sample Letter

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This handout includes sample text parents, legal guardians, and adult students can use in a letter to request a camera and video surveillance in a special education classroom. If you are looking for more information about this topic, check out How to Request a Camera in Your Child’s Special Education Classroom. Also, if a camera is already in place and you believe an incident involving your child may have occurred, you can use the Report an Incident and Request a Recording Sample Letter.

When to use this sample letter

When requesting a camera in a special education classroom, a parent must submit a written request to the principal or a person the principal has designated to receive these requests. Districts are required to have policies related to placing cameras in self-contained classrooms, which may specify some requirements for submitting a request. Some districts provide their own form for requesting a camera. If your district does not have its own form, you can use this sample letter to submit your request.

How to submit your request

To submit your request, copy the information in the “Sample Letter” section below and paste it into an email or Word document. Then, change the information in brackets ([]) to reflect your situation and add the other necessary information that is blank in the sample letter (e.g., Classroom/Setting Room Number, Name, Address, etc.). With all of the information changed to reflect your situation, submit the letter to the principal or a person the principal has designated to receive these requests.

Sample letter

Languages: this sample letter is available in English and Spanish. Be aware that DRTx recommends that you provide your letter in a language understandable to the party or entity receiving it, which in most circumstances will be English.



[Name of school principal]
[Name of public school]
[Address of public school]

Dear Principal [name],

I am the [parent/legal guardian] of [student’s name], who is a student enrolled and attending [name of public school]. I am writing to request the installation and operation of camera and audio equipment in the special education classroom of [student’s name] under the Texas Education Code and Texas Administrative Code. To the best of my knowledge, the special education classroom meets the requirements in state law for video and audio monitoring upon my request. My child’s special education placement is:

Classroom/Setting Room Number:

Classroom/Setting Teacher:

Under state law, a response to this request is due no later than the seventh school business day from the date of receipt. I look forward to hearing from you about approval of video surveillance in the special education classroom for [student’s name] for the [current school year or next school year] school year.

Yours sincerely,

Name (print):
Phone number:
Email address:

What happens next?

State law requires that the district respond to a request for a camera within seven school business days. This answer must either authorize the request or provide reasons for a denial.

If the school refuses your request for a camera or does not respond within the required time, you have the right to appeal. See our How to Request a Camera in Your Child’s Special Education Classroom for the steps you can take to appeal a decision.


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