Groups call for improved laws to protect special education students

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Longview ISD. Marshall ISD. Fort Worth. Hutto. Burleson.

It’s not hard to find allegations of students in special education classrooms being mistreated or abused by educators in their classrooms.

What is hard is putting an exact measurement to just how big the problem might be. Perhaps even more challenging is implementing solutions to protect those children — particularly those students who can’t speak up for themselves.

“Unfortunately, this is a growing problem we have seen across the state of Texas, with educators being charged with crimes for injuring students with disabilities,” said Steven Aleman, Senior Policy Specialist with Disability Rights Texas.

At the beginning of this year, Disability Rights Texas and other advocacy organizations issued a public statement noting a “rash” of arrests of school staff members because of allegations of violence against students with special needs.

“We are calling on state leaders to quickly respond to the needs of students with disabilities who are being endangered,” Aleman said in that statement.

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