Understanding Your Texas Voter Registration Certificate

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The card shown below is an example of the certificate you should receive in the mail 30 days after you register to vote. You should then receive a new color-coded certificate in the mail every two years in odd-numbered years. We’ve circled the numbers that tell you about where to vote and which races you can vote on.

The (imaginary) voter who owns this card lives in precinct number 8267. If she votes on Election Day, she can look online or in the paper to find out her precinct’s polling place (usually a school or other public building in her neighborhood). If she participates in early voting, she can choose from a small number of centralized polling places in the city of Richardson.

Our voter can use her card to figure out which elections and races she can vote in. ALL Texas voters can vote for some races, while other races (those indicated by the circled numbers) are specific to the precinct. Our voter can vote in the following elections and races:

  • All federal elections (including President of the United States and BOTH U.S. Senators from Texas)
  • All statewide elections (Governor, Lt. Governor, State Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeals, and others)
  • County and regional elections (County Commissioners, District Courts, and others)
  • 55th Federal Congressional District (U.S. Congressional Representative)
  • 41st State Senatorial District (State Senator)
  • 392nd State Legislative District (State Representative)
  • 8th Justice of the Peace District (Justice of the Peace)
  • All RISD elections (Trustees, bond elections)
  • All City of Richardson elections (City Council, bond elections)

NOTE: All numbers on this card are imaginary. Please check your own certificate for your real precinct and district numbers. © LWV-Richardson 2005


Voting texts: Sign up for the DRTx voting news & info text list so you receive important voting information and reminders on your phone. To sign up, text the word VOTE to 844-937-3904. (Messaging and data rates apply.)


Last updated: August 28, 2020
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