Stroke survivor’s fight for independence in battle for vital motorized wheelchair

Audie in his new wheelchair.In May 2021, tragedy struck Audie, a vibrant man in the prime of his life. The father and once executive chef suffered a major stroke that left him with right-side paralysis, drastically altering his active lifestyle. Despite rehabilitation efforts, navigating life with a manual wheelchair proved challenging and unsafe due to his limited mobility. Audie’s insurance denied coverage for a motorized wheelchair after multiple appeals, saying a lower-level chair would be sufficient.

Disability Rights Texas effectively argued for the medical necessity of a level 3 motorized wheelchair, ultimately securing approval. “Without the support of Disability Rights Texas, Audie would not have gotten this wheelchair,” said his mother, Tonya. “This has given him a new perspective on his future, has allowed him to engage in events with his community and has restored a role of independence. We will forever be grateful.

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