DRTx helps with COVID-19 disability rights issues, State Bar with other legal problems

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free legal help for Texans impacted by covid-19: 1-800-504-7030If you are facing disability discrimination during the coronavirus pandemic, you already know Disability Rights Texas is your place to go for legal help. But what about other issues not related to your disability?

As the coronavirus pandemic shakes the lives of Texans, causing uncertainty about their healthcare and economic futures, the state’s legal service and access-to-justice providers are joining together in a partnership to assist in this time of crisis.

A toll-free legal assistance hotline is available to low-income individuals and families across Texas who are confronted with civil legal problems as a result of the pandemic. People may call 1-800-504-7030 to be connected with legal service providers in their area. Areas of legal assistance or guidance include:

  • Bankruptcy and debt-collection matters
  • Employment issues, unemployment applications and appeals
  • Child custody, visitation, and support issues
  • Life, medical, and property insurance claims
  • Mortgage or foreclosure problems
  • Public benefits issues (e.g., Medicaid, SNAP/food stamps, Social Security)
  • Healthcare directives and powers of attorney
  • Consumer protection issues such as price-gouging and scams
  • Landlord-tenant problems
  • Disability discrimination
  • Family and domestic violence concerns

Individuals who qualify for assistance will be matched with Texas lawyers who can provide free legal help. Callers should be aware there are some limitations on the legal services available. This service is a partnership among the State Bar of Texas, the state’s legal aid agencies, volunteer organizations, and access-to-justice organizations.

People may call 1-800-504-7030 to be connected with legal service providers in their area.

See the press release from all the legal aid partners participating in this effort for more information.