Parents calling on lawmakers to deal with $223 million special education shortfall

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Parents and advocates say it’s a dire situation in Texas education, as the state faces a $223 million shortfall in federal special education over the next several fiscal years.

The state got to this point after a federal judge found they violated their conditions for receiving federal disability funding from the Individuals with Disabilities Act. Under this, states receiving grant money has a maintenance of financial support – or MFS – obligation, meaning they cannot spend less in special education than they did the previous year.

Texas has been found in violation of this, with special education cuts in 2012, 2017, 2018, and anticipated in 2019. These cuts add up to $223 million, which will be the amount of federal grant money withheld.

Parents and advocates held a press conference at the Capitol Thursday, calling on lawmakers to address this shortfall this session.

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