Handcuffed and restrained in hallways

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A little girl is simply sitting and listening to an adult reading to her inside a school office.

The woman on the other side of the desk has a book open showing the elementary school girl the pictures.

The office door opens and a police officer walks in. “Come over here,” he says to the child.

He has reached behind his back and grabbed handcuffs.

“Are those for me?” the little girl innocently asks.

“Those are for you,” he replies.

The little girl has no idea what is about to happen.

“Don’t put handcuffs on. Help me. Help me,” she cries out.

This is one of many examples of body cam videos CBS News Stations nationwide obtained. They include young students, who do not appear to be posing threats to themselves or others, restrained and often arrested at school.

This is why Disability Rights Texas joined The Arc of Texas, the Autism Society of Texas, Coalition of Texans with Disabilities, Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities, and Texas Parent to Parent to host the news conference.

The disability advocacy groups say they are calling for change and trying to give these children a voice.

“We are calling on state leaders to finally respond to the ongoing endangerment of students with disabilities,” said Senior Policy Specialist and Attorney at Disability Rights Texas.


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